Instruction register and Installation

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Instruction register and Installation

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Webmoneyla system online payment is now resident MMO and companies operating online start using widely from e-gold with a campaign to block ACC loat.Nhieu page porker betting also switch to use images knowledge. To open the account is relatively minute, but that advantage was about to ring mat.Kha safety.
When you use the WMN and then make sure you will like immediately because transactions are fast and safe afraid hacker as payment systems khac.Khong ACC block is fear as e-gold and MB.
WebMoney also many Vietnam exchange purchase transactions in the purchase price of the sale is not afraid to block the account e-gold and Moneybookers Buy 155/1usd sold 163/1usd.Ban can also use page
WMN change the e-gold Pecunix Liberty USD and vice versa.

Exchange is very fast only 1 minute is all xong.Hoan automatically.

Start Registration:
Click the link:
Appear new page, click on SIGN UP, or join us now.

After completing phases declared personal information to your mailbox to get code click link below to confirm.

Enter the code in the box and click proceed.
Next you download the software to remember WebMoney down the WebMoney Keeper Classic

WMZ 2 versions
WMZ light version: use directly on the site to be installed but Nhược points is less security and more to verify before using
WMZ classic version: must be on dowload, installed on new machines after use, the advantage is very safe, secure high-ko still need to verify use.)

After downloading the software programs and ve.Chay following steps:
Select the first 2 to OK.

Enter the code in the WMN send email when you have completed the registered next

Enter and confirm pass next.

move your mouse to continuously perform the installation more quickly.

After the program has finished running on the part number will appear on VMID theo.Ban next window click next to continue.

Your mailbox to e-mail get the code WebMoney Keeper Classic.
Activation code: xxxxxxxxx that after next click was sent.
copy and past into 2 cells as in SEARCH hinh.vA drive you saved it. Remember not to lose the will to use if using any other computer.
NOTE: The KEY is 1 file and not a number to you Sai thuong.Khi your computer is no problem but if sài another computer, it will be your key to the browser. Meanwhile new login successful.
after the save will appear 1 window YES or NO question you click it and click next to continue.

Next to enter the Activation code: xxxxxxxx in the image and click next

Click finish to complete the registration and WMID KEY WMID.
In the Installer when WMN and send WMID KEY WMID to the e-mail under the system tray will appear WEBMONEY 1 icon.

Next is the key backup

Click Tool / seting
Select key to save file
1 set the save or save to usb for any loss due to not
it number 3

write to then click yes

PART THIS VERY IMPORTANT When you enter your pass code box to access the keys.Pas do this you ask others to complete the pass LOGIN.
Be sure to actually have been forgotten ky.Toi 1 times and always lost money in the ACC.
Well done to In one of the disks you want.
The next step you create 1 set is purse can use send money to receive money deposie vv.vv

in the purse select create
wmz choose a name for what name it is
click accetp

So as you complete the registration and installation can login and click the tray icon system used WMN window display to use.

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