profit text ads - - click on 10 solo ads i

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profit text ads - - click on 10 solo ads i

Post  Admin on Fri 20 Feb 2009 - 22:14

this is a new revolution of the text ad exchange site.

Every time you refer 10 PRO members you`ll get paid $100 + the normal commissions of $5 per PRO upgrade! THAT`S $150 EVERY TIME YOU REFER 10 PRO MEMBERS!
If you click on 10 solo ads in one day you will get $1 instantly added to your account!
(both free and pro members)
On top of all that you will also get a FREE entry into!
Join free and get this:
1 solo ad
1 banner ad/1000
1 traffic link/100
1 login ad/100
promo code: "freemem"
===> JOIN NOW < ===

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